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Sep 11

devLink 2013 Retrospective

I realize this is late now, but I’ve finally both recovered from devLink 2013 and (most importantly) caught up to the point that I can think about blog posts again. What a great time that was. I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed devLink. This was my first devLink (and obviously my first time presenting …

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Jul 17

Unhelpful PowerShell Azure Message

Get-AzureSubscription Error Message

Even though my day job does not do much with Azure (right now), I thought I should spend some time becoming familiar with the PowerShell connections available to Azure. I’m hardly stretching the state of the art here, but I have had more than a couple of instances lately where standing up a quick website …

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May 31

PowerShell for Fun and Irritation

If you’re a fan of the show “Family Guy”, you may remember the joke where Robert Loggia was asked to spell his name. He did so by working his name into a sentence for every letter. For example, “E as in everybody loves Robert Loggia.” We’ve started doing that around the office, with the challenge …

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Apr 19

Maintaining Custom web.config Elements During an Upgrade

We have been using PowerShell to perform low-friction updates to our intranet application for several months. This lets any of our DevOps staff build an update package, deploy it to the client system and run a single command to update the application. This has worked well for us, until we finally bumped into our first …

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Mar 07

Running PowerShell 2 scripts After Installing PowerShell 3


My employer has a lot of PowerShell v2 scripts in production, spread across a great many servers at a great many sites. It’s because I have to support these scripts in production that I have held off on updating myself to PowerShell v3. I finally got tired of holding myself back and took the plunge. …

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Jan 15

PowerShell to Clean Up Invalid UniqueName Properties for RadGrid

In a recent upgrade to our product, we discovered that a great many of our custom reports had UniqueName properties that were incompatible with the new version of Telerik’s RadGrid. The question fell to me, “how many reports have spaces in their UniqueName property?” Fortunately, PowerShell made it fairly simple to identify the reports with …

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Dec 21

A Pomodoro Timer in PowerShell

This post falls under the heading of things that probably don’t make much sense, except it was fun and I wanted to do something very specific using a very specific technology. Rather than run yet another program in my task tray (which mostly irritates me because of icon clutter and not system resources), how could …

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Nov 02

PowerShell, Dropbox, and Windows Live Writer (Part 2)

In a previous post, I described how to setup a file system junction to make Windows Live Writer save to Dropbox without knowing it. That solution worked if setup on each computer that I use. However, I am a huge fan of having the PowerShell profile I stash in Dropbox keep track of this type …

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Aug 28

Cleaning Up Peer Review Branches Made Easy with PowerShell

Maybe I’m in the minority, but whenever I start working on a peer review, the first thing I do is create a branch in git. That way if I have any comments or edits, I already have everything setup and I don’t have to lose my train of thought by closing the solution, create a …

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Aug 04

PowerShell, Dropbox, and Windows Live Writer

I think I have a problem. I cannot use just one computer. I have work computers, home computers, and computers I use exclusively on the couch while watching TV. I really like to keep all of these computers in sync so I have all of my files, programs and configuration no matter where I am. …

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